Usage and Policies

About Pink Pixel Graphics :

Pink Pixel Graphics supplies free planner stickers, craft ideas and creative projects for free and through Patreon at (coming October 2018). All designs are original or used under a commercial license agreement. 

For questions about this blog, please contact Barb via email at

How can I use the stickers?

All downloads from this site are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may use them to:

  • Print and cut for use in your own paper planner / notebook – or other physical medium.
  • Save and import into your own digital planner / notebook – or other digital medium.


  • Download and share with any other persons without the prior consent of the owner of this site.
  • Share the files on any other website, social media or digital medium, such as cloud storage sites.
  • Modify any elements of the files – including but not limited to designs and colors.
  • Offer printed or digital versions of the files for sale under any circumstances.
  • Offer printed or digital versions of the files for free. (Note: if you are sending a small amount of stickers as a random act of kindness – RAK – this is acceptable use.) If you wish to let someone know about the freebies – please direct them to site to sign up and download directly for themselves.
  • Use the files as a template for creating your own sticker layouts.
  • Represent any files from this site as your own.
  • If you are a Patreon member – you may NOT share a supporter membership between one or more persons – and then share the files between yourself and othes. Each person must have their own membership to access and use the additional reward files.

Any questions regarding usage should be directed to me via email at